Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jim's T&T iPad/Mainstage Part 2 - WiFi MIDI, Multiple Keyboards

This tutorial is a second part to my previous video on integrating iOS devices with Apple Mainstage.  Topics explored in this video are using multiple iPads, as well as using your Mac to create an Ad-Hoc network, eliminating the need for a router for a network.  We are then able to use WiFi MIDI to link the iPad's with Mainstage without needing MIDI interfaces

I also use three keyboards to further explore the options that are possible using Apple Mainstage.  Thanks for watching!


Jim's T&T Integrating iPad into Keyboard Rig with Mainstage

Jim McLaren of INCURA here. This video explores how to integrate an iPad or external MIDI sound module, into a standard keyboard rig using Apple mainstage.  Using Audiobus, I load up three powerful synthesizers in the iPad and then use mainstage to switch between them and integrate them with other sounds within mainstage.

Using this technique, you never have to do any switching on your iPad and you can use the same keyboard controller that you would use to control mainstage. You can also adjust splits and layers the same way you would with any other patch with the mainstage. Very useful and powerful options here!