Saturday, 11 August 2012

Test for Echo (RUSH cover) - recorded in 1999!

Click HERE for Soundcloud link- TEST FOR ECHO

Recorded in August 1999 - thirteen years ago!

This was the last song I ever recorded to TAPE.  A Tascam Portastudio 424 to be precise.  This is a cover of RUSH's "Test for Echo".  I played bass, drums, guitar and sung the vocals.  The guitars and vocals were only ever meant to be scratch tracks but I never ended up redo-ing them.  Proud of the bass and drum work though.

This was back in the days before I'd ever heard of autotune, non-linear editing, drum replacement, or audio quantizing (I know it existed but I didn't know any of that fancy stuff!)

Iust put microphones in front of instruments and hit record.  I used to record 4 tracks of drums (using a submixer to mix to 4 tracks), then bounce to DAT.  Bounced that DAT mix to 2 fresh tracks of a NEW cassette then recorded two more tracks (usually bass and a rhythm guitar).  Bounced that to DAT - repeat and rinse.

Used an Alesis Midiverb II for all effects and an Ibanez guitar compressor pedal for the snare drum!!

Good old days:)  Enjoy

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jim's Tips & Tricks: Late Night Analog and iOS Jam #2

Another late-night jam, writing a large piece of music right now, which is why I haven't uploaded anything in awhile - it'll all be worth it!  Decided to get out some gear and just jam it all up.  Korg Monotribe, iPad running Sampletank (controlled by Casio 88 note keyboard), and iPhone running Geosynth.  Took the time to record it all into Pro Tools to make it sound prettier.

Enjoy, thanks for watching!