Friday, 20 July 2012

BASS Cover! Dancing Machine - Jackson 5

Using my favourite new app, JAMMIT!  This app is amazing, for MAC/PC and iOS.  Gives you the REAL master tracks to jam with, something I've wanted since I was a teenager jamming with my favourite CD's.  I used to actually record my own versions of songs mainly for the purpose of muting an instrument and jamming with them.  JAMMIT lets me do that with two of my favourite bands of all time, YES and RUSH!  There's lots of others to choose from too, including Dream Theatre and this song, by the Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine.

Can't embed this one, so click to visit!


A word about the great folks at JAMMIT and some of the complaints they've had to endure. People write reviews that say you can't use your iPod library, or that the prices are too steep. There's no way that any current software could remove particular instruments from the multitrack iPod track with any sort of accuracy. If one assumes they can use their iPod library then they're not quite informed on what this app is all about. Try some inaccurate centre-cancelling software in that case.

The prices? All I have to say is that the JAMMIT people had to go to the source to get to the master tapes of these artists, as a musician with a little knowledge of licensing and publishing, the licensing fees must be huge! These tabs/notations are the most accurate I've seen, and I don't mind paying $3-5 to get a version of the song with the bass/guitar/keys/drums/voice muted so I can "play with the band". Nuff said, just wanted to say something in defence of this great service. Thx JAMMIT!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back at it

It's been a little while, I've been on tour with Incura, as well as playing bass for Jason and the Diatonics.  Having a great summer, but wanting to get back into the synthy video game!  Decided to explore MIDI control of another keyboard (my Moog Little Phatty) via the Shredder app for iPad.  Worked pretty well, all things considered!  It's analog pitch-MIDI conversion, so don't expect amazing tracking...the glitches kinda make it all feel part of the analog domain though.

Hope to do some more videos soon.  Gotta admit, getting banned from Adsense really put a kink in to my work ethic, but I wasn't really out to make money with this stuff, just have fun with music so I'll be back at it.  Thanks for watching!