Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back at it

It's been a little while, I've been on tour with Incura, as well as playing bass for Jason and the Diatonics.  Having a great summer, but wanting to get back into the synthy video game!  Decided to explore MIDI control of another keyboard (my Moog Little Phatty) via the Shredder app for iPad.  Worked pretty well, all things considered!  It's analog pitch-MIDI conversion, so don't expect amazing tracking...the glitches kinda make it all feel part of the analog domain though.

Hope to do some more videos soon.  Gotta admit, getting banned from Adsense really put a kink in to my work ethic, but I wasn't really out to make money with this stuff, just have fun with music so I'll be back at it.  Thanks for watching!

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