Wednesday, 16 May 2012

MASSIVE Genome Ipad MIDI Jam!!

Finally getting my brain in to the GENOME Midi Sequencer, by White Noise Audio. It is VERY COOL!

Using network MIDI, I've connected the iPad2 (running Genome/Arctic Keys/BS-16i/NLog Pro), to an iPhone 4 (running Sunrizer) and an iPod Touch (running Arctic Keys).

Also, via an iRig MIDI connector on the iPad, am sending a MIDI signal to a Moog Little Phatty as well. Can you believe this all works! I have a pretty strong WiFi signal, so the iPhone/iPod Touch work well and there isn't any discernible latency.

Presumably I could run my other iPod touch as well, with a compatible virtual MIDI app. I also have a MIDI splitter box, so the idea of sending to more MIDI hardware is also a idea (or by chaining with MIDI THRU).

The possibilities are great with Genome!

Thanks for watching!

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